Each gown is unique, an individual with it’s own story and history. We are so enamored by the history and love, sewn and often hand-stitched, into these dresses. Like our brides, each one is different and beautiful in its own way.
— Rachel M. - Owner


Bold · Classic · Unique

We've done the searching, so you can enjoy the finds.

At the core of I&L, lays a deep love for vintage gowns. Rachel and Georgia have spent years collecting the most pristine, timeless and iconic vintage silhouettes - creating an exclusive line available only through Ivory & Lace. While some gowns remain original, many of the dresses have been updated and tailored for the perfect, modern fit with that classic look.

A limited and special selection of these gowns are available at our online store. To see and learn about the entire collection, simply give us a call, or come into the store to try one on, today!

Each and every individual gown is it's very own work of art, uniquely its own.